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Serenity's Family Tree

At Serenity Transformation Home,
We're Transforming Lives

Serenity Transformation Home is a maternity shelter and transitional home. Since founded in June 2015, we've helped transform the lives of 31 families in our home who were impacted by homelessness during pregnancy or shortly thereafter in Fort Worth, Texas.

Since May 2022, Serenity has expanded our services to provide weekly Parenting Assistance. Our outreach program recently served 200 families with young children in one month in Fort Worth and surrounding communities.

The primary mission of Serenity Transformation Home is to provide a safe, nurturing, and loving shelter during pregnancy and after giving birth for young, at-risk mothers and their babies. In partnership with the community, we are dedicated to improving daily living skills with focus on parenting, education, positive self-esteem, as well as unwanted pregnancy prevention.


Homeless Mothers

We are here for you

If you are homeless and pregnant or mother of an infant, there is hope for your future, and we are here for you! Call us at 682-390-6823 or email us at




With helping hearts

We are committed to providing a safe, loving home where teen parents can discover their strengths and their children can experience the joys of childhood.




Join us

Diaper Drive: Please drop of diapers, wipes, clothes, and accessories for children 0-36 months or donate online.


Join our Serenity Outreach group to find us out in the DFW community.


For info on our community events with

FREE parenting classes and FREE diapers

in the Fort Worth area, scan or click this QR code to join our Serenity Outreach group 


Transforming Lives
Quotes from our residents

I learned to have more respect for myself.

I learned how to care for my baby.

Serenity gave me peace.

I am learning the importance of taking full responsibility for my actions

Serenity taught me how to find a job.

So, how does STH make a difference in the lives of pregnant teens?

We focus on the three fundamental elements teen mothers need to succeed: Socialization, Nurturing and Support, and Structure and Discipline.

Make a loving donation today!

Join our efforts and make a difference in someone's life.


It's a community effort.

Our goal is to work with the community to provide a home that integrates housing and services to teen mothers and their children who cannot live at home because of abuse, neglect or other extenuating circumstances.

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