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Serenity's Family Tree

About Us

Serenity thrives by keeping families together.

Serenity Transformation Home is a maternity shelter and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Fort Worth, Texas and beyond. Serenity was born from a conversation over lunch in June 2015 between Marie Bell and Cynthia Holleman. These two women immediately decided to join forces and pursue their passion for serving and their vision for breaking the pattern of homelessness through helping young families.

Serenity helps stop homelessness in its infancy.

This residency home offers an opportunity to bring together in one setting the fundamental elements young parents require:  nurturing support, structure, discipline, responsibility, and socialization. Serenity Transformation Home currently offers single-room occupancy for up to four (4) residents in our group home for young mothers and their infants.  Residents receive adult supervision and all necessities from Serenity thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporting programs. Participation in education programs is required to increase parenting, goal setting, planning, and self-sufficiency skills through community resources.  Healthy lifestyle workshops are a critical enabler for mothers to take care of themselves and their children.


The philosophy and foundation of Serenity Transformation Home is to create an environment in which young mothers can achieve their highest potential through nurturing, personal relationships grounded in honesty, mutual understanding, and trust. Serenity believes everyone has an inherent right to be loved and supported.

Core Values

  • To reduce unplanned pregnancies.

  • To increase self-sufficiency through completing high school/GED or college.

  • To promote career development.

  • To strengthen parenting skills.

  • To learn the skills needed to live independently.

  • To increase self-motivation.

  • To encourage self-sufficiency.

  • To promote healthy child outcomes.

  • To increase parent-child bonding and nurturing.

“Trust in the Lord with all your Heart and lean not on your own understanding... He will direct your path."

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